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Our team of editors are versed in the art of book editing and proofreading, providing you with great service and high quality edits. Whether your manuscript needs to be written, pronounced or edited for style, our professional editors will help you make the necessary changes.

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We go through each word for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or just to make the sentence flow better. Our editors will also go through your book from a marketing point of view, ensuring that it's written to be successful on Amazon, Google Books, Goodreads, and other sites. We'll make sure your book is formatted the way it should be and that you don't have any major grammatical errors or typos. We'll also help you understand how to market your book because after all, they're not going to do it for you.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to produce quality and creative content at a fraction of the cost. We have a long history in the industry and have won many awards.

Our Result Driven Marketing Process

Let's make sure your business is visible to the people who matter. Our Marketing process includes 6 Phases:


At Savvy Book Marketing, we start the process with in-depth research, including business research, competitor analysis, current website standing, and keyword research.

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